"The CAIA levels I and II courses offered by CfBS offer both broad coverage of the CAIA curriculum as well as an in-depth focus on the topics which are less intuitive. It is an efficient way to prepare for the exams and to increase the chances of successfully passing at the first attempt."

Patrick Käufeler, CFA, CAIA, Credit Suisse AG, Zurich

Course Overview

  • CAIA Levels I and II Weekday Evening Classes in Zurich

    The courses offer comprehensive and detailed coverage of the exam material. They take place on weekday evenings from 18.30 to 21.15 hrs. (fee: CHF 1,950.-)

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  • CAIA Levels I and II Live Online Classes

    The live online courses can be attended from anywhere but still offer plenty of opportunity to interact with the lecturers (fee: CHF 1,950.-).

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CAIA® Program

  • The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) program is a globally recognized certification for professionals working in the field of alternative investments. The CAIA program covers the concepts, tools and practices essential for understanding alternative investments and is committed to high standards of professional conduct. The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association® was founded in 2002 and is the sponsoring organization for the CAIA designation. Since inception the CAIA program has grown rapidly.
  • The exams for levels I and II are held twice each year, in February/March and September. Candidates can take only one exam within the same exam period and are only admitted to take the level II exam after passing the level I exam. The program can be completed within one year. The CAIA exams are computer-based. The level I exam has a multiple-choice format and lasts four hours. The level II exam is composed of multiple-choice and essay questions and lasts four hours. The examination topics are weighted as follows:

CAIA Level I Exam

Topics  Exam WEight
Professional Standards and Ethics  15% - 25%
Introduction to Alternative Investments  20% - 28%
Real Assets including Commodities  11% - 17%
Private Equity  6% - 10%
Private Debt  8% - 12%
Hedge Funds  11% - 17%
Digital Assets  4% - 8%
Additional (Portfolio) Strategies  4% - 8%
Total  100%

CAIA Level II Exam

TopicsMultiple-Choice Constructed REsponse
Emerging Topics0% 10%
Universal Investment Considerations0% 10%
Models8% - 12% 0% - 10%
Institutional Asset Owners and Investment Policies8% - 12% 0% - 10%
Risk and Risk Management8% - 12% 0% - 10%
Methods for Alternative Investments8% - 12% 0% - 10%
Accessing Alternative Investments8% - 12% 0% - 10%
Due Diligence & Selecting Managers8% - 12% 0% - 10%
Volatility and Complex Strategies8% - 12% 0% - 10%
Total70% 30%

More information about the CAIA program may be found at www.caia.org.