Private Tutoring


"Thanks to the prep courses I never lost the big picture. It really helped me to master the vast curriculum and to focus on the crucial details that make the difference between passing and failing the exams."

Olivier Baggi, CFA, BSI SA, Lugano

CFA® Private Online Tutoring

    Private Online Tutoring for the CFA® Exams

    Private Online Tutoring
    The tutoring sessions are customized to meet the unique needs of each CFA candidate, ensuring an effective and efficient learning experience. Our CFA tutor will guide your CFA exam preparation efforts and make the process of studying for the CFA exams more manageable. He will assess your starting point and help you develop a customized study plan to help you prepare for the CFA as efficiently as possible. Three course packages of 10, 20, and 50 hours are offered.

    Course package of 10 hours: This tailored course will focus on those few areas that you never quite seem to master on your own. It concentrates on the topics that will give you the highest exam score improvement. The course fee amounts to CHF 1,500 (hourly rate of CHF 150).

    Course package of 20 hours: This tailored course will guide you from one topic to the next, providing encouragement and alleviating stress. You may elect to skip some topics and get intensive help in a few areas of the CFA curriculum. The course fee amounts to CHF 2,800 (hourly rate of CHF 140).

    Course package of 50 hours: This tailored course is for the CFA candidate who wants and needs the most comprehensive preparation program available. You and your instructor will navigate the entire CFA curriculum as determined by on-going assessments, your goals, and timeline. The course fee amounts to CHF 6,750 (hourly rate of CHF 135).

    Our CFA instructor has significant relevant professional, academic, and tutoring experience. He is a CFA charterholder, holds a Ph.D. in Banking and Finance, and has helped hundreds of CFA candidates pass each level of the CFA. The online tutoring takes place via Zoom. Each session's notes are captured as a PDF. Upon request, the entire session will be recorded for later review.   

    To register for the course, you can write an e-mail to or you can call (telephone number 044 240 40 50).   

Study Material

Teaching/studying is based on the following materials:

  • Comprehensive handouts developed by CfBS which contain all the Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) and the corresponding concepts.
  • Questions compiled by CfBS.
  • The Curriculum Readings of CFA Institute which are included in the registration fee for the CFA exam.

In order to prepare for class course participants are required to read the Curriculum Readings. A summary of the Curriculum Readings such as the Schweser Study Notes can also be used. During the lessons CfBS will use its own study material to explain and practice the concepts. This approach ensures that the material is presented from a different angle and that course participants receive maximum added value.

The CfBS handouts are a summary of the CFA curriculum and can be used to efficiently review the curriculum in the final stages of the exam preparation.