Schedule Level I August/November - Weekday Evening Course in Zurich

Level I Schedule

TopicLessons part 1Lessons part 2Total
Ethical and Professional Standards3-3
Quantitative Methods12315
Financial Statement Analysis12315
Corporate Issuers639
Portfolio Management9312
Equity Investments639
Fixed Income9312
Alternative Investments617
Total 7824102
Computer-based Trial Exam  3
Total  105

Three lessons correspond to one course evening. 

Dates and Times 2024

Part 1: Understanding and Practice

11 MarMon18.30 to 21.15Introduction / Quantitative Methods
13 MarWed18.30 to 21.15Quantitative Methods
18 MarMon18.30 to 21.15Quantitative Methods
20 MarWed18.30 to 21.15Quantitative Methods
25 MarMon18.30 to 21.15Economics
27 MarWed18.30 to 21.15Economics
03 AprWed18.30 to 21.15Economics
08 AprMon18.30 to 21.15Financial Statement Analysis
10 AprWed18.30 to 21.15Financial Statement Analysis
15 AprMon18.30 to 21.15Financial Statement Analysis
22 AprMon18.30 to 21.15Financial Statement Analysis
24 AprWed18.30 to 21.15Corporate Issuers
29 AprMon18.30 to 21.15Corporate Issuers
06 MayMon18.30 to 21.15Portfolio Management
08 MayWed18.30 to 21.15Portfolio Management
13 MayMon18.30 to 21.15Portfolio Management
15 MayWed18.30 to 21.15Equity Investments
04 JunTue18.30 to 21.15Equity Investments
05 JunWed18.30 to 21.15Fixed Income
10 JunMon18.30 to 21.15Fixed Income
12 JunWed18.30 to 21.15Fixed Income
17 JunMon18.30 to 21.15Derivatives
19 JunWed18.30 to 21.15Derivatives
24 JunMon18.30 to 21.15Alternative Investments
26 JunWed18.30 to 21.15Alternative Investments
01 JulMon18.30 to 21.15Ethical and Professional Standards

Part 2: Review and Practice

03 JulWed18.30 to 21.15Quantitative Methods
08 JulMon18.30 to 21.15Economics
10 JulWed18.30 to 21.15Financial Statement Analysis
15 JulMon18.30 to 21.15Corporate Issuers
17 JulWed18.30 to 21.15Portfolio Management
07 AugWed18.30 to 21.15Equity Investments
12 AugMon18.30 to 21.15Fixed Income
14 AugWed18.30 to 21.15Derivatives / Alternative Investments

Part 3: Trial Exam

10 AugSat09.00 to 14.00Computer-based Trial Exam