Schedule Level I February/May - Live Four-Month Courses in Zurich

Level I Schedule

TopicsLessons part 1Lessons part 2Total
Ethical and Professional Standards2-2
Quantitative Methods12315
Financial Reporting and Analysis15318
Corporate Finance639
Asset Valuation21627
Portfolio Management437
Total 692190
Trial Exam  3
Total  93

Dates and Times 2022/2023 - Level I CFA Weekday Evening Class

Part 1: Understanding and Practice

20 SepTue18.30 to 21.15Introduction / Quantitative Methods
22 Sep Thu18.30 to 21.15Quantitative Methods
27 SepTue18.30 to 21.15Quantitative Methods
29 SepThu18.30 to 21.15Quantitative Methods
04 OctTue18.30 to 21.15Economics
06 OctThu18.30 to 21.15Economics
11 OctTue18.30 to 21.15Economics
13 OctThu18.30 to 21.15Financial Reporting and Analysis
18 OctTue18.30 to 21.15Financial Reporting and Analysis
20 OctThu18.30 to 21.15Financial Reporting and Analysis
25 OctTue18.30 to 21.15Financial Reporting and Analysis
31 OctMon18.30 to 21.15Corporate Finance
02 NovWed18.30 to 21.15Corporate Finance
07 NovMon18.30 to 21.15Securities Markets
15 NovTue18.30 to 21.15Equity Investments
21 NovMon18.30 to 21.15Fixed Income
22 NovTue18.30 to 21.15Fixed Income
29 NovTue18.30 to 21.15Fixed Income
13 DecTue18.30 to 21.15Derivatives
20 DecTue18.30 to 21.15Derivatives / Alternative Investments
22 DecThu18.30 to 21.15Portfolio Management
05 JanThu18.30 to 21.15Portfolio Management / Ethical and Professional Standards

Part 2: Review and Practice

11 JanWed18.30 to 21.15Quantitative Methods
16 JanMon18.30 to 21.15Economics
18 JanWed18.30 to 21.15Financial Reporting and Analysis
25 JanWed18.30 to 21.15Corporate Finance 
30 JanMon18.30 to 21.15Portfolio Management
31 JanTue18.30 to 21.15Derivatives / Alternative Investments
01 Feb  Wed18.30 to 21.15Fixed Income
06 FebMon18.30 to 21.15Securities Markets / Equity Investments

Part 3: Trial Exam

04 FebSat09.00 to 14.00Computer-based Trial Exam