Our Added Value


"I have passed all three levels at the first attempt despite my very busy job. This would not have been possible without the excellently focused contents and efficient structure that the CFA courses brought into my learning efforts. I can recommend the CFA courses to all candidates registered for the exams."

Peter Blum, PhD, CFA, Suva / Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund, Lucerne

Our Added Value

  • Wide range of course options
    CfBS offers a variety of course options such as live four-month and four-day intensive review courses as well as live online courses and recorded online courses (video courses) to suit the needs of CFA candidates and allow for maximum flexibility.
  • LOS-based format of the courses
    Our four-month weekday evening courses are formatted to cover the entire CFA® curriculum at each level and are structured in accordance with the Learning Outcome Statements (LOS). They offer a comprehensive coverage of the exam material and help candidates to adopt a focused learning approach.
  • Learning approach four-month weekday evening courses (in Zurich and live online)
    CfBS has developed a learning approach that helps candidates digest the breadth and complexity of the material over a four-month period. In part 1 of the course, the knowledge required to pass the exam, based on the LOS, is explained and applied to practical examples. Part 2 focuses on the critical exam topics using a question-based format. A trial exam concludes the courses.
  • Learning approach four-day courses
    In the four-day intensive review courses the critical and most difficult exam topics will be explained and practiced using exam-type questions. They offer a comprehensive coverage of the exam material and help candidates to adopt a focused learning approach.
  • Learning approach for online courses
    The recorded online courses provide in-depth explanations of the CFA curriculum. The sessions support the candidates’ study of the CFA readings so that the exam preparation becomes more effective.
  • Study material
    CfBS has developed comprehensive handouts containing all LOS, corresponding concepts, and questions. The handouts are a summary of the CFA curriculum and can be used to efficiently review the curriculum in the final stages of the exam preparation.
  • Online review of live classes
    The live CFA classes will be recorded, allowing course participants to make up for any missed classes and to revisit online all the topics explained in class.
  • E-Mail and phone support
    Candidates benefit from ongoing support by our lecturers outside the classroom.
  • Experience
    CfBS has assembled an experienced and specialised team of experts. It is the only 4-month course provider in Zurich to have run all three levels for more than fifteen years.
  • Course guarantee
    Students who do not pass the exam after attending our CFA live courses can re-enroll for the next CFA live course at a substantial discount of 70%. This course guarantee reflects our commitment to the success of our students at the CFA exams.

Live Open Evening Session

24 June 2019

For CFA Program on Monday, 24 June 2019 from 18.30 to 20.15 hrs. in Zurich
To attend this open evening session free of charge, please register by e-mail to info@cf-studies.ch.

Please click here to view the trial class as flash podcast or as YouTube podcast that takes place as part of the open evening session.