"The CfBS prep course helped me enormously to master the immense CFA curriculum. The excellently structured classes provided the necessary level of detail and clear explanations of the exam topics. The course material was an excellent starting point for my own summaries and the online review function allowed me to repeat the most challenging concepts."

Rui Ramires, CFA, Dreyfus Söhne & Cie. AG, Basle

Course Overview

  • Virtual Classroom

    Four-Month Courses in Zurich

    The courses offer comprehensive and detailed coverage of the exam material. They take place on weekday evenings from 18.30 to 21.00 hrs. (fee: CHF 3,850.- for Level I and CHF 3,950.- for Levels II and III).

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  • Virtual Classroom

    Four-Day Courses in Zurich

    The intensive review courses cover the critical and most difficult exam topics. They are split into two sessions of two days (Friday/Saturday; fee: CHF 1,550.- for Level I and CHF 1,650.- for Levels II and III). 

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  • Courses Screen

    Recorded Online Courses

    The recorded online sessions for Pre-CFA as well as CFA Levels I, II, and III offer comprehensive and detailed coverage of the exam material. They can be attended from anywhere, anytime (fee: CHF 990.-).

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Live Open Evening Session

24 June 2019

For CFA Program on Monday, 24 June 2019 from 18.30 to 20.15 hrs. in Zurich
To attend this open evening session free of charge, please register by e-mail to info@cf-studies.ch.

Please click here to view the trial class as flash podcast or as YouTube podcast that takes place as part of the open evening session.

CFA® Program

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) program is a globally recognized standard for professionals in the financial services industry. The CFA charter is awarded by CFA Institute. The first charter was presented in 1963 and more than 150,000 charters have been awarded since. Over 227,000 candidates worldwide participated in the June 2018 exams.

The CFA charter is an elite designation and is a benchmark for ethical standards and professionalism within the global financial community. The CFA designation is career-enhancing, well-respected, gobally recognized and relevant.

To obtain the CFA charter, CFA Institute has set different requirements. One is that candidates have to pass three exams, referred to as level I, level II, and level III. Candidates can take only one exam per year and are only admitted to take the next level exam after passing the previous level exam.

Exam centers for Switzerland are in Zurich and Geneva (June exams only).

Level I CFA Exam

6-hour multiple-choice test consisting of 240 questions.

TopicsExam WEight
Ethical and Professional Standards15%
Quantitative Analysis10%
Financial Reporting and Analysis15%
Corporate Finance10%
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning6%
Equity Investments11%
Fixed Income11%
Alternative Investments6%

Level II CFA Exam

6-hour test consisting of 20 item set questions (multiple-choice).

TopicsExam WEight
Ethical and Professional Standards10% - 15%
Quantitative Analysis5% - 10%
Economics5% - 10%
Financial Reporting and Analysis10% - 15%
Corporate Finance5% - 15%
Equity Investments10% - 15%
Fixed Income10% - 15%
Derivatives5% - 15%
Alternative Investments5% - 10%
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning5% - 15%

Level III CFA Exam

6-hour test consisting of constructed response questions (essays) and 10 item set questions (multiple-choice).

TopicsExam WEight
Ethical and Professional Standards10% - 15%
Economics for Portfolio Management5% - 10%
Equity Portfolio Management10% - 15%
Management of Fixed Income Portfolios15% - 20%
Risk Management Applications of Derivatives5% - 10%
Alternative Investments5% - 10%
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning35% - 40%

For more information regarding the CFA® program, please visit www.cfainstitute.org.