"I can highly recommend the FRM courses of CfBS. The combination of excellent lecturers and fellow students I met during the course were key for me. My goal was to pass well the first time, which I did."

Martin Beinhoff, FRM, VP Bank Group, Zurich

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I enrolled for the FRM exam after I have registered for the CfBS prep course?

No, in order to take the FRM exam, you need to enroll directly with GARP. The enrollment form can be completed online at www.garp.com. Please make sure that you mail the completed form to GARP before their registration deadline expires. The longer you wait the higher the registration fee is.

What is the format of the FRM exam?

Each exam part (part I and part II) lasts 4 hours, with a 120 minute break in between. The FRM Exam Part I consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, while the FRM Exam Part II has 80 multiple-choice questions.

Candidates can sit for one or both FRM Exams (Part I and Part II) on the same day. In order to receiving a passing score (if both parts are taken on the same day), candidates need to pass both Exams.

What is the pass rate for the FRM exam?

The pass rate for the exam has been historically around 50%.

How can the CfBS three-month prep course help me to pass the exam?

The prep course will teach you the most complex and frequently asked concepts and gives you a framework to structure your exam preparation. The course is designed to build up gradually the knowledge and strategy to pass the exam successfully. In addition to attending class you will need to put in rigorous self study depending on your academic and professional background. We suggest that you take one week off before each part of the exam to concentrate fully on your final preparation.

Which calculator is permitted for the exam?

For the exams GARP only allows the use of the following calculators: Hewlett Packard 12C, 10BII, 20B, and Texas Instruments BAII Plus. The approved calculators will be explained and used in the CfBS exam preparation courses. The calculators can be purchased from www.taschenrechner.ch or in specialised shops.