Live Four-Day Courses in Zurich


"Thanks to the FRM prep course and the course material provided by CfBS I was able to prepare the FRM exam effectively."

Beat Bachmann, FRM, Schaffhauser Kantonalbank

FRM Four-Day Intensive Review Classes in Zurich

  • FRM Part II (May 2021 Exam)

    FRM Part II Four-Day Intensive Review Class in Zurich
    The course takes place on 9 and 10 as well as on 23 and 24 April 2021, totalling 34 lessons.

    In the four-day intensive review course the critical and most difficult exam topics will be explained and practiced based on CfBS handouts and questions. The course offers a comprehensive coverage of the exam material and helps candidates to adopt a focused learning approach.

    The live four-day course is split into two sessions of 2 days (Friday/Saturday) allowing course participants to digest better the large amount of course material covered. The class size is limited to a maximum of 10 participants allowing interaction with the lecturers.
    All classes will be recorded. The online access to the recorded classes allows course participants to revisit anytime all the topics explained in class, helping them to strengthen their understanding and to make up for any missed classes. In addition, students benefit from e-mail and phone support outside the classroom.

    The course fee amounts to CHF 1,950.-. This includes 4 days of live teaching, CfBS handouts (summary of FRM curriculum), online access to the recorded four-day course, and online helpdesk.

    Course guarantee: Students who do not pass the exam after attending our FRM Part II four-day course can re-enroll for the next FRM Part II four-day course at a substantial discount of 70%. This course guarantee reflects our commitment to the success of our students at the FRM exams.

    The four-day course takes place at the PH Campus at Lagerstrasse 2 next to Zurich Main Station.


Study Material

Teaching/studying is based on the following material:

  • Comprehensive handouts developed by CfBS which contain all the Applying Instructional Materials (AIMs) and the corresponding concepts.
  • Questions compiled by CfBS and old FRM exam questions.
  • GARP’s FRM core readings.
  • Schweser Study Notes (optional) which summarize the FRM core readings.

CfBS has developed comprehensive handouts containing all AIMs, corresponding concepts and questions. This study material will be distributed and used during the lessons to explain and practice the concepts. The handouts are a summary of the FRM curriculum and can be used to efficiently review the curriculum in the final stages of the exam preparation. In order to prepare for the course students can either use the FRM core readings of GARP and/or the FRM Schweser Study Notes (optional).