Schedule - FRM Part II Live Four Day Courses in Zurich (November Exam)

Schedule Part II

Market Risk Measurement and Management13
Credit Risk Measurement and Management9
Operational and Integrated Risk Management4
Risk Management and Investment Management8
Current Issues in Financial Markets2
Total 36

Dates and Times 2018 - FRM Part II Four-Day Course

28 SepFri09.15 to 12.35Introduction / Market Risk Measurement and Management
28 SepFri13.40 to 18.50Market Risk Measurement and Management
29 SepSat09.15 to 12.35Market Risk Measurement and Management
29 SepSat13.40 to 17.00Credit Risk Measurement and Management
12 OctFri09.15 to 12.35Credit Risk Measurement and Management
12 OctFri13.40 to 18.50Risk Management and Investment Management
13 OctSat09.15 to 12.35Operational and Integrated Risk Management
13 OctSat13.40 to 17.00Risk Management and Investment Management / Current Issues in Financial Markets