"While no course can replace the necessary study effort, the FRM prep course at CfBS was crucial to my understanding of the exam material and to stay focused on my tight learning schedule. The excellent tutors presented the curriculum and its key concepts in a very clear and concise manner and provided helpful insights on what to expect at the exam. I can highly recommend the course."

Dr. Philipp Dittrich, FRM, Swiss & Global Asset Management Ltd., Zurich

Course Overview


  • FRM Part I Three-Month Courses in Zurich

    The courses offer comprehensive and detailed coverage of the exam material. They take place on weekday evenings from 18.30 to 21.15 hrs. (fee: CHF 3,450.-)

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  • FRM Part II Four-Day Courses in Zurich

    The intensive review courses cover the critical and most difficult exam topics. They are split into two sessions of two days (Friday/Saturday; fee: CHF 1,950.-). 

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  • FRM Part I Recorded Online Course

    The recorded online sessions offer comprehensive and detailed coverage of the exam material. They can be attended from anywhere, anytime (fee: CHF 990.-).

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FRM® Program

In the increasingly complex and interdependent world of financial markets and products financial risk management has become essential to a company's strategy. Often a portfolio manager has a limited understanding of basic fixed income analysis, a quantitative analyst has little feel for daily movements of foreign exchange rates, or a treasurer doesn't know the relevant accounting rules for derivatives. The Financial Risk Manager (FRM) exam is designed to meet the needs of risk professionals and to allow them to make better decisions for their company and its investors.

The FRM exam is organized by GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals). In 2017, the FRM Exams Part I and Part II will be offered on 20 May and 18 November. Each exam part lasts 4 hours, with a 120 minute break in between. The FRM Exam Part I consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, while the FRM Exam Part II has 80 multiple-choice questions. Candidates can sit for both FRM Exams (Part I and Part II) on the same day.

The exam center for Switzerland is in Zurich. The first FRM exam took place in 1997. Since then more than 30,000 individuals have successfully completed the FRM program. The exam requires basic analytical skills, general knowledge and intuitive capacity gained through ecperience in capital markets. It is based on the core body of knowledge which contains the following topics:

FRM Exam Part I

TopicsExam WEight
Foundations of Risk Management Concepts20%
Quantitative Analysis20%
Financial Markets and Products30%
Valuation and Risk Models30%

FRM Exam Part II

TopicsExam WEight
Market Risk Measurement and Management25%
Credit Risk Measurement and Management25%
Operational and Integrated Risk Management25%
Risk Management and Investment Management15%
Current Issues in Financial Markets10%

 More information about GARP and the FRM exam can be found at www.garp.com.